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Car leasing in Malaysia, whether you represent a company to get a fleet of cars on the road for business use, or as an individual looking to get a car for personal use.

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Look no further! Friends Leisure Drive is your right choice!


Car leasing is growing in popularity in Malaysia because it’s a great way to get behind the wheel of a new car at a reasonable cost. FLDM growing success is because we offer the best car lease contract available with each contract being individually negotiated and set up depending on the client’s needs with the agreement lasting 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years.

How Does Leasing Benefit You:

  • Fixed monthly lease enable accurate budgeting and simplifies financial planning
  • Lease rentals are fully tax deductible
  • All administration relating to the Registration, Road Taxing, JPJ testing and Insurance renewal of company fleet
  • Fleet vehicle maintenance for normal wear & tear BORNE by FLDM
  • Free replacement vehicle during servicing or breakdowns reduces downtime
  • Accident management
  • Minimize operations cost and staffing
  • Minimum funding outlay improves cash flow
  • Any fleet disposal risks are borne by FLDM
  • Zero risk on depreciation of asset value
  • Classification of company car as an expense against asset
  • Flexibility – drive a brand new car every 3 to 4 years with no hassle

Personal Leasing

Signed up a personal car leasing agreement and enjoy the benefits of smarter motoring.

Growing numbers of individuals are appreciating that they cut their motoring costs getting a deal on personal car leasing. Complete maintenance based on fair, wear and tear plus road tax and insurance will be included in the lease package, leaving only the cost of fuel as variable cost factor. We would provide a temporary replacement car every periodic maintenance check or minor repairs to be undertaken.

We understand what customers want and deliver it well. We have great customer service which offers a no quibble – no hassle policy of dealing with you. We also promise to offer choice, value and affordability.

Our success in private car leasing is built on the happiness of our customers.

Corporate Car Leasing

Purchasing large fleet of vehicle can take up large amount of company’s capital investment. FLDM can provide you with an alternative solution where you can opt for a flexible leasing plan. We can structure our leasing facility to help lower your capital outlay in meeting your budget, hence better cash flow projection and no risk of inflation.

The Benefit For Business

Company car leasing allows you to update new model cars every 2 or 3 years keeping up to a professional image.

Ensuring a safe, reliable and comfortable vehicle for your company personnel to drive either business or leisure.

No interruption on your work flow/daily operations. Friends LDM provides a temporary replacement car while we take your car for maintenance check.

Short Term Leasing

Short term lease is suitable for new employees, contract staff, special project and so on.
Long term lease contract have certain clauses to discourage early termination and if you decide to terminate, then you will need to pay a certain penalty for terminating the contract. With short-term lease, we provide:-

  • Immediate delivery of vehicle within our fleet units.
  • No commitment, allows you to lease a car on month by month renewal basis.
  • Cheaper leasing rates.
  • Minimum 1 month and better deal for 6 months lease commitment.
  • Pay by credit card, cash or company cheque.
  • 24 hours emergency helpline.

*Call us for the best short term lease offers and select the cars that best suits you.

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